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The Island Thyme Story

Since 1996, Island Thyme has been creating botanically-based skin and body care products in small batches from our farm and apothecary studio in the San Juan Islands of Washington.

We are passionate about aromatherapy and have a deep respect for the healing properties of plants and their extracts. Though our roots are in our garden and local bioregion, our arms reach wide around the globe gathering the ingredients we use in our creations. Essential oils, wildcrafted herbs, distillate waters and natural emollients like Shea butter and Jojoba oil are just a few of the muses that guide our original recipes.

On any given day (or night ;-) you’ll find us in the studio we built by hand, perched just above the gardens of Island Thyme Farm.  This is where we create our crop of soaps, creams, balms and herbal oils. Sharing them with you and hearing back from you about how you like them has been our sincerest joy and pleasure over all the years.


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