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Calendula Comfrey Cream

If you have dry skin, we highly recommend this cream!
We start by infusing sweet almond oil with organic calendula flowers and comfrey leaf, herbs known for their skin-regenerative properties.  To this, we add skin-protective beeswax, shea butter, and the pure essential oil of lavender.  We recommend this rich cream as an amazing all-natural moisturizer for hands, body, and face - especially if you have drier skin on your face.

Great on the driest of skin. Try on rashes or eczema even. Fantastic for hard-working hands and feet. This is our "go-to" cream for most dry skin needs.

An Island Thyme all-time top seller for nearly 20 years!

Directions: Apply to any area for dry skin relief.

Ingredients: Distilled water, sweet almond oil infused with organic *calendula and comfrey, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin e tocopherol, lavender essential oil, **gluconolactone, **sodium benzoate
(* grown on Island Thyme Farm)
(** Ecocert natural preservative)

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Megan Doman Howard
I'm addicted!

I am fully addicted to this cream! I use it on my body and my face when I need a little extra.... It smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturized. Highly recommended for yourself or it's a great gift.

Wendy Watts

This is a brilliant moisturiser with a wonderful fragrance. I use it every day on my face and hands, The day just wouldn’t he the same without it, Now easy to order from the Uk which is a real bonus for me . I thoroughly recommend it.


I like this for after a day on the sun or is my skin has an imperfection on it. The calendula does a great job sorting things out!


A soothing moisturizer for dry skin. I use it daily.

Carole Shipman

The cream is soothing and makes my face so moist and soft without being greasy.


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