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Herbal Super Salve

Everyone needs a jar of this salve around. It is our multipurpose skin healer.
This wonderful balm was Island Thyme's very first product, and it remains a favorite to this day. We make it with lots of skin healing herbs, including calendula, comfrey, balm of gilead, st. johns wort, and tea tree. It is great to have on hand for cuts, scrapes, rashes, chapped lips, dry cuticles, and more.

Ingredients: Calendula, comfrey, balm of gilead, and st. johns wort in almond oil, beeswax, vitamin e, tea tree e.o, blood orange e.o. and lavender e.o.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Love it

Recently started working with a lot of plants in lava rock and dirt and my hands were getting dry and irritated and some calluses. Started using this at the end of each day and it makes my skin feel so good and soft and not getting rough!!

Julia Bushree

I actually have noticed a few lines around my mouth area due to al this hot sun in S. CA and I take it and rub around my mouth, seems to work well. Also, if you have any rashes, skin issues it works very well. Love all your products.

Laura Walker
Mosquito Bites!

I had several itchy and uncomfortable mosquito bites so I gave this salve a try. It worked so well! I highly recommend.

Lisa S
Love this salve

I work outdoors a lot and consequently have dry hands and cuticles. This salve works great for easing the dryness and cracking.

Heather Howe

I love love this salve! I work in construction and my hands get super dry (even wearing gloves ). This stuff has helped SO much and I've only started using it a week ago. Great for dry cuticles, lips, heels. Even scrapes or scratches! I love knowing WHAT I'm putting on my skin with the natural ingredients.

5 stars!


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