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Helping my mom

I have several favorite Island Thyme products but last Christmas I gave my mom a deep heat liquid roll-on in her stocking and it’s really helped her manage her arthritis pain. Getting her another this year! Thank you for all your wonderful, clean & natural products, I always feel good giving them as gifts!

Rose Rejuvenation Buttercream
ars. I'm very pleased with their products. Sara Faraj

Love their creams! Mys skin looks amazing. Long time customer

Aches & Pains Oil
Laura Brody
soothing and lovely

I add this oil to body lotion to help with muscle aches and to add a lovely lavender scent to my morning. So nice!

powerful medicine

These roll-on balms are just the thing when you don't want balm residue on your hands but need some quick pain relief! I prefer the balms for evening use, but the roll-ons are working well for daytime.

Great stocking stuffer

Used these lip balms as gifts for family during Thanksgiving visit. Gave to family who now live in Sweden, and who suffer chapped lips in the winter. He was not only impressed with the quality, he liked the flavor too. Gave him Vanilla Bean and Mint flavors

Personal favorite

Used these lip balms as gifts for family during Thanksgiving visit. A very discriminating friend was pleased to receive it again.

Always a favorite

Used these lip balms as gifts for family during Thanksgiving visit. They were very happy to receive!

Hand salve

It works! Not too oily.

Smells like wintertime ❄️

Wonderful body lotion with Christmas 🎄 essential oils. Excellent quality.

Amazing for 'computer neck' pain

This product is fantastic. I purchased 2 six-packs of this product for family as stocking stuffers. The lavender is so potent I just drift to sleep after using it.

scent for this soap

I did not think that soap had as potent a smell as the other soaps I purchased, That said, the quality of the soap is fantastic: hydrating, etc.

Not sure about scent

I love most all the products but this scent not so much. I live in Washington with large jasmine and gardenia plants I work hard to grow in pots. I love jasmine but this is t has nice as the Blood Orange Jasmine combo. Like the cream itself but can’t really use close to my face due to scent.

I have been using this cream for years and I still love it. But the wonderful cucumber scent is missing. It’s one thing that I really love about the cream.

I love this lotion! It absorbs nice and isn't greasy, but very moisturizing.
I like the smaller size for your purse. It lasts a long time too!

Just the right amount of moisture, leaves your face soft and clean smelling. I actually use it at night.

Wonderful cleaning, feel and smell. My kitchen sink favorite.

The best thing to tame tension

This instantly relieved my headache. I've been using this for a year now. I am happy with this product so I'm going to continue to buy from this company. I highly recommend this product.

Smooth Skin

I have used this for years. It super exfoliates my skin but also leaves it moisturized.

Family loves it

I have these soaps in all the bathrooms. Everyone loves them and it doesn't dry their hands out. Love the recycle glass jars too.


My husband and I use this all the time. I have fairly sensitive skin and it is perfect. Smells amazing and leaves our skin so smooth and soft. I absolutely love it and plan to use it as long as they keep making it! 10000000/10 I recommend!

love it!

this Herbal Super Salve is great! Not greasy, yet strong enough for even the driest skin. Very soothing and nice. Very light if any fragrance, Really like it and will even take this on trips, etc... Highly recommend this one!

Creamy and fresh

I love this cleanser. My skin looks bright and fresh.

Chases the dry away

This is the best salve. Az gets so dry as it cools down. I use it for my cuticles and any dry spots. Thumbs up on this one. The scent is soft and very pleasant.

Lavender Rose Soap
Susan Johnson
Just lovely

This soap is the closest thing to walking in a garden full of lavender plants.

lavender lemon castille soap

Wonderful scent and soup for us at our preschool! Thanks


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