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Headache Lifesaver!

I have chronic migraines/headaches and this roller is a lifesaver. HIGHLY RECOMEND!

Best lip balm. TIngles and moisturizes, I think I have found my favorite lip balm.

Amazing!!!! My Mom has a torn rotator cuff and is in pain all the time. I rub this on her tight neck muscles down to her shoulder and she says she is finally able to sleep through the night. Thanks a ton!!

Refreshing and lovely to use!


This stuff is fantastic!!! I have the worst neck, it is always tight. The Blue heat loosens it up and takes the pain away. I cannot recommend it enough.

Super balm.

I use this balm everyday morning and night on my knees and shoulders. I have severe Osteo arthritis and it helps me. I had a coworker give me some of hers last month after we received our first Covid shot. I really have found this to help a lot with pain. I still always have pain but it does help as long as I apply the balm twice a day. Thank you for making my life better.

Perfect for Dry Cold Winters

My skin always suffers in the dry winter heating - especially when I use the fireplace. But not anymore. So glad I found this cream - much less oily and herbs make all the difference in small, absorption and effectiveness. Thanks!

Better than CBD

I’ve tried CBD rubs for my neck but they never really help so I tried this and was sold. The smell is lovely, my skin absorbs it quickly and I wake up without as much pain. Will be purchasing more for sure.

Better than Weleda

We’ve been using Weleda products until we found this one! My 30 year old daughter loves it so I gift it to her whenever the occasion arises - light, fresh and gentle.

Beautifully Scented

We live in DC but on a visit to the Islands bought this lotion and were hooked. Now we order it online and it takes us back to the sites and sounds of strolling through Eastsound!

Exotic scent

The cardamom brings me back to my Pakistani roots. The vanilla adds a creamy splendor. I look forward to applying it time & time again.

feels so good

This product is great for little spaces ailing you-- a sore neck, a bruise, a headache etc. long lasting and isn't too overpowering. Smells great and I love using it!

Works great! Second time purchasing

Second time purchasing this amazing healing oil. Feels amazing and doesn't leave a lot of greasy residue or odd cooling or heating sensation so you can use it on larger body spaces, like your back. Arnica heals plus it smells great without being over powering!

Great product

Island Thyme once again does not disappoint! Potent stuff works great on bruises, sore muscles etc. Long lasting and feels so good.

Awesome product for relieving pain

I tried the heat balm therapy after hurting my knee, and it works wonderful!! It helped relieve the pain so well from my accident, that I tried it on back pain and arthritis pain in my hands. What an awesome product!! I will be sharing this information with my friends. Thank you for providing a safe and natural product to use when we need relief.


I cannot tell you enough how much I love this product! I have always used your soaps, but this is the first time I have had to use your lotions/creams. I recently moved from South Florida to Virginia and it has definitely taken a toll on my skin. I use this daily on my face and it has been a game changer. I almost didn't buy because some said they hated the smell. I LOVE THE SMELL!! It is divine! Thank you for your work and using natural clean ingredients so I don't have to worry what I put in my skin!!

Lip Gloss

Your lip gloss is excellent-long lasting, pleasant scent and good color. Thank you for your caring products.

The Best Lip Balm

I received one as a Christmas present and ordered 15 more as I loved it. Moist and smells yummy!

So Perfect

These are the absolutely best lip balm I have have tried. I ordered a large supply to have on hand!

Favorite Lip Balm EVER

I love these! I always keep them on hand, my kids love them, and I give them as gifts. Such a silky feeling. Have tried a few kinds and my favorites are mango, blackberry, and huckleberry. Possibly my favorite Island Thyme product!

Lovely feeling, scent issue

Love the feel of this moisturizer... I’m not sure if it was the batch I got, but the scent wasn’t my favorite. It didn’t smell like the rest of the Neroli lavender products I have, so I’m wondering if it was an anomaly. Otherwise, it’s lovely.

This is gold for your face

I have never used a face cream like this, it’s amazing. Feeling so refreshed. I will ALWAYS have this on hand.

Sinus Headaches & Pregnancy Relief

I have used this during allergy season when I can’t breathe and sinus pressure causes headaches- it’s amazing relief!! This year I was battling sinus headaches, pregnancy congestion, and pregnancy hormones- ALL contributing to awful multi-day migraines. When trying to avoid pain killers, this has been SO helpful! Do yourself a favor and try one.

I love the grapefruit mandarin scent. .. it was recommended by Auntie Coco in Ketchum.


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