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Respiratory roll on

I love this product. It really helps you breathe when you’re congested. And it smells amazing

Wonderful lotion !

I have used this lotion for over 4 years now. It works well to help me relax at night before bed. It eases muscle aches for me. Never found another product like it that works and smells great too. Love the combination of lavender and vanilla.

5 stars

Island Thyme's lip balm is THE BEST! The perfect balance of ingredients - not too greasy, not to waxy.

Perfect Night Cream!

Recently discovered this gem. With my dry skin, having spent decades in the high desert, this is perfect - soft, healing, never greasy. And the fragrance is so light it doesn't bother me and.... I do tend to get bothered by scents especially at bedtime. Highly recommend!

My go-to cream - both for subtle fragrance and healthy skin it assures me! Fave for several years now.

Aches & Pains Stick
Johanna Lefever
Convenient Size & Awesome Product!

I love this for use on the go and got the three pack so I can gift one or two. Someone gifted me the 2 oz. bottle for my ankle break last year and I really love the gentle soothing effect and wonderful smell!! Great for scar care as well :)

Aches & Pains Oil
Johanna Lefever
Effective & Relaxing!

I ordered more of this wonderful product after getting is as a recovery gift! I use it on my ankle break area and it works very well for medium pain relief plus skin/scar love with the lavender, vitamin E and sweet almond oil! I’m giving some roll-ons as gifts soon because I want to share the goodness :)

Delicious, Light and High Quality!

I love this scent and product!!
It’s perfect for day or night and the aroma is very grounding and uplifting at the same time!
I recently tried the sample of Radiant Day Cream which was excellent as well.
I’m quite picky about body care products, and allergic to fragrances—so I LOVE knowing I can smell great in a healthy and safe way. Yum!

I have not received my products yet


Smells amazing! Feels amazing! Wonderful, gentle skin care.

Nice new scent

I’m liking the fresh smell of the new sage and lemongrass soap!

I love the fact that this product contains two major natural products for pain-arnica and St. John’s wort!


I love this cream! It feels and smells wonderful, and it absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling so soft.

Comfy Comfry

My partner, a conga player uses the Calendula Comfry cream to keep his hands in shape for playing. This nourishing cream helps fight the harsh drying out winters and keeps his hands feeling smooth and hydrated. It's a staple in our house!

Soothing moisturizer!

I have absolutely fallen in love with you body and face creams, as well as with ALL the products I have purchased and am regularly using today. My skin feels amazing! It is so nice to have natural products made locally with love and true passion for self care and our environment. I will keep coming back for more!

Mango Lip Balm
Noelyn Correa
Mango Lip Balm

I absolutely love this product!! They were always out at the store l originally bought my first tube , so l ordered online . , got the package of 3
Rightaway 🥰Thanks!

Deep Heat Balm
The bomb

This stuff is the bomb for arthritis in my hands and feet. Thank you so much!

Note- make sure you wash your hands after applying- the pepper is sneaky and potent.

Gentle and effective

I love this salve. I get rashes from most hand creams but not Island Thyme’s. I bought an extra pot of it for my office. I highly recommend this for dry winter hands and feet!

Deep Heat Balm
Sandy Lewis

I love this product! I need a knee replacement and this is the only product that helps. And, as a side note, dogs hate the smell. We have a 4 month old sheepadoodle puppy who likes to chew on our 13 year old pug. All I have to do is clank the two sides of the tin together and she stops biting the pug! Such a side benefit!


I have been aspirin free for over 10 years. I love this stuff. With winter storms comes pressure changes and big headaches. This stick makes all go away. Sometimes I have to apply a dab 4 times an hour if the storm is bad. Your body will tell you and thank you! Also great for stress relief. These days there is a whole lot of that around. Love this product!

Lavender Rose Soap
Lauren M. Franciosi
Love this soap!

Takes me away from all the chaos to a beautiful and fragrant summer walk in the garden.

Great gifts for others and self

Soothing, relaxing, clearing, I personally use the respiratory stick every night. So does my husband. We have his and hers! Beautiful products with beautiful results.

Herbal Super Salve
Melinda Mack

I purchased this to help with chapped lips and skin. Not only does it feel good, my chapped skin is healing and I feel confident that I’m using such natural ingredients. Smells lovely, too.

Rich and healing

My skin loves this. It is creamy and rich. Skin food! I use it on my face and always have a little on my hands left for my elbows. I highly recommend for older, dryer skin, or for anyone who wants to feel like every day is spa day.

Cucumber Renewal Oil Serum
Brannigan Roeber
Wonderfully refreshing

I love this serum. It’s really helped my acne a lot!!! It also has taken all the redness out of my face! Highly recommend for acne!


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