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Respiratory Stick

I suffer from allergies - year round and this is the first remedy that allows for me to breathe and fall asleep quickly. Natural and soothing - thank you!,

Rose and lavender essentials

Not only do they smell amazing but the products are outstanding. I highly recommend your products and I love that you are local. I think it’s important to support small businesses and of every product I’ve bought from your company I’ve loved them all.

Rose rejuvenation kit

The Rose Rejuvenation Products are awesome. I love the way my skin looks and feels and I love the fact that these products are made with only natural ingredients. I’ve used every beauty line you can imagine and your products are awesome !!!


How did I ever live without this! Hooked! Quality product!

my skin feels like silk after using this . Also every time I open the container ai want to taste it 😂. LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!!!

Very creamy

It's great for my dry skin; I'm always washing my hands and this cream is really helping. Very pleasant scent as well.

Love it

It's a great in the bath/shower moisturizer with a refreshing scent that really wakes me up. And I can skip the lotion afterwards.

Best overall cream

The Calendula Comfrey cream is the first product I used from Island Thyme and it's still the best! Great for feet and other severely dry areas with all natural ingredients that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Highly recommend!

Soothing and light

I'm a fan of this whole cucumber line, and this serum is no exception. I enjoy using face oils but most are too heavy for my acne-prone skin. This one was great though! Non-irritating and didn't clog my pores at all, just made my skin softer and more hydrated. I used this at night because it does take a little time to sink in, but once it's all soaked up your skin doesn't feel oily or anything. It feels really great to use a product with such natural ingredients!


This cleanser is really great! My skin is kinda oily and tends to be acne prone, and this cleanser was soothing and did a good job cleaning my skin. My face looked glow-y and just brighter after using it. Made my skin happy!

Bulk Soap Surprise Stack!
Mariana Guarino
soap surprise!

Every Island Thyme product I've tried has been awesome, and these soaps are no exception. They were all great! Made my skin feel super soft and they all smelled wonderful. This was a great way to try a bunch of soaps to find out what kind of scent I liked. They were all such pretty colors, too! Overall, great buy.

Rose Vanilla Deodorant
Wonderful Product!

I’ve been using natural deodorant for years. This product works very well. One of the best deodorants I’ve ever used. It has such a pleasant aroma. Love this so much. I will be ordering more.

Spruce & Cedar Soap
Bevin Farkas
Beautiful scent but why include Palm Oil?

The packaging is beautiful, there's no plastic outer wrap, the essential-oil based woodsy fragrance is delightful; but alas, there's palm oil in the ingredients list. According to Greenpeace, even "RSPO sustainable palm" is not sustainable. This product would get 5 stars if the palm oil wasn't included.

True Lavender Scent

You can tell it's real lavender - smells wonderful, and rolls on easily.

Sea Scrub Soap
Steven Heathcock
No other soap like it

This is the only soap I like to use. That's why I buy lots of 12. It is simply fantastic. Nothing like the feeling of sea scrub on my back in the shower! Nothing!

Aches & Pains Oil
Mary Lee Andrews
Arnica aches pains

My friend gave me this a year ago and when I got severe black faced hornet bee stings and made my whole arm puff up in agony. I used this ointment and it saved me. Plus I put it on my thumb after working outside. I love the smell and gave it to my son in law to help heal his thumb surgery. I reordered and am very happy. Thanks!

This is the best product I've found for my nighttime facial cream. Love the texture and how it feels on my face. Not too greasy or heavy. I use the Rose Rejuvenation Day cream as well and my skin looks and feels wonderful!

Rose sanitizer

This sanitizer has a bright rose scent which is preferable to some of the synthetic scents available.

ER Balm

This balm was very effective for night time breathing relief.

Lavender Vanilla Lotion
Therese Ammiro

I think I found the perfect lotion. It's not so thick that it takes forever to rub in, and not so thin that it disappears. It's just right! I got the 16oz and really like the jar idea. I'm so tired of coaxing out the last lotion "bits" when it's below the pump straw. With the jar I just reach in and get it - brilliant! The scent is nice too. Although I'm a big lavender fan so I personally like stronger lavender scents -- a subtle hint for your next product line!

Bulk Soap Surprise Stack!
DeeAnna VanReken
Soap party!

This is so great! We love all of your soaps and this is a great deal to have smaller sample sizes of many flavors. It would be nice to have some sort of key to figure out which one is which so we could order more of bars we love the most. Thank you!

Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm
DeeAnna VanReken
Lip balm joy!

I love lip balm. I love lavender. Who doesn’t love vanilla? I’ve bought this many times and have them stashed in various places around my home and purse so I always have some. It’s subtle, creamy, calming, and I love it!

New product in my favorite line!

This is such a lovely product! I love the cucumber scent and already have some of your blue tansy oil and a face cream I use daily. This product is the best combo of both but with a thick luxurious texture. It is now a part of my night time routine to put it on before bed. Thanks Island Thyme!

Love this deodorant

I am loving this deodorant! It’s not greasy, sticky and it doesn’t get on my clothes. So far it’s protecting me of smelling too!
So glad I tried this. Highly recommend!!

Uplifting fragrance

Other companies have discontinued their hand cleansers and I don't understand why. I still want to clean my hands and a sink, soap and water aren't always available. Thank you Island Thyme for continuing to offer waterless hand cleanser. I'd really love to see Island Thyme make this into a wearable fragrance. I absolutely love the Grapefruit Mandarin products.


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