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My favorite!

This moisturizer is my favorite in the world. It has the perfect texture for a nighttime cream or for mornings where I wake up early enough to apply and let it soak in. The scent is heavenly. I am a devotee and was so sad when my nearest grocery store stopped carrying your creams. Maybe the Bham Co-op has them? I don't mind ordering online, but prefer a local spot to purchase.

Spruce & Fir Deodorant
Grinnell Morris
Love This Product

I usually don't wear much deodorant.... I know TMI. And I definitely don't wear any colognes that have chemicals. What I love about this product is that it is such an amazing smell, that I don't feel like I need anything extra. It smells amazing.... just ask my wife....

Smells amazing

It smells like a creamsicle. I’m into it!

Works Immediately

It is so nice to be able to carry this with me. It works immediately to lessen the intensity of my migraines. I would recommend it to anyone. .

Herbal Super Salve
Shelly Hawk

Love this stuff! Had really bad poison ivy and got so much relief from herbal super salve. It also works great on cuts and scrapes.

Lavender loveliness!

Love these soothing lavender sticks, easy to carry with you whenever needed! The scent is so relaxing, calming and perfect for meditating!

Soothing Relief!

This simple, roll-on headache stick is perfect for traveling and keeping with you! The scent is so soothing, strong and relaxing, it provides tender care to headaches and migraines, helping to relax and heal!

Best-smelling Soap EVER!

I ordered this soap on a whim along with some of my "standards" from Island Thyme. Boy, am I glad I did! This is the best-smelling soap I have EVER encountered. I actually use it not only as a body soap but also as a bar shampoo for my hair. Now that I've tried it this way, I'm never going back to bottled shampoo. The fresh, spicy scent is simultaneously energizing and soothing, while I also am glad to avoid the plastic bottles in which typical liquid shampoos are packaged. Great soap AND great solid shampoo!


I just reviewed the Blue Heat Balm and praised its tremendously effective qualities for soothing my sore knee. This roll-on is another "must-have" in the medicine cabinet. I apply the roll-on when I want a "quick fix" for my knee right before I leave the house, and it always helps. Two thumbs up! (If I had more than two thumbs, they'd all be up. :>))

Blue Heat Balm
Laura F.
This Stuff is Magic!

I ordered the Blue Heat Balm because I've used it in the past for tension headaches and it's been an enormous help. Little did I realize I'd have even more use for it by the time it arrived! Just a day or two before it got to me, I twisted my knee and it's still on the mend. I've been applying the balm regularly ever since, and it is incredibly soothing. It does more good for my pain than the aspirin I've been taking. Magical stuff!

Great soap

I love all of the soaps from your company.

Lavender Rose Cream
Suzanna Larsen
Lavender rose

My friend who lives on Orcus Island sent me a few of your products for Christmas a few years back. I fell in love with the lavender rose for my night cream because my skin is so dry! It does sink in beautifully and very moisturizing . I pitched 5 jars the other day to give to my friends who’s birthdays were all coming up! It’s the perfect small and personal gift .

Spruce & Fir Deodorant
meredith neria
effective deoderant

i like that it's in a cardboard container, it works well, gentle on skin, pleasant scent that doesn't continuously remind you that you have it on. my only downside is that it crumbles upon application which isn't a big deal, just a bit odd.

Herbal Super Salve
meredith neria
handy effective balm

love the feel, scent and effectiveness

Yay! We're delighted to hear that you're enjoying our Herbal Super Salve, Meredith!

Smells Refreshing and Cleans Really Well

I wish I had purchased two bottles of this hand cleaning spray, one for the office and one for home. It cleans really well and the smell is very refreshing.

A lovely, buttery cream for my aging face

I'll be 60 this year and figured it was time to take my facial care seriously. Or at least a little more seriously than I have. This neroli buttercream lotion is amazing! It has a wonderful light aroma that is natural and not chemical-smelling at all ('cuz no chemicals!) It's like putting whipped butter on my face, but without being greasy at all. I have very dry skin that is really appreciating the extra moisture and I think I'm already seeing improvement in my lines and skin tone. Awesome stuff!

I also really like the hand sanitizers (both gel and spray), the cinnamon clove bar soap, the cardamom vanilla lip balm, and the jasmine aloe cream. So glad I found Island Thyme! Will make my Christmas shopping easy this year. :-)

Holidays, here we come.

always get a few soaps for gifts. This one my daughter likes because she adores the holidays. This will be perfect to send her for her dorm room.

Don't need perfume

When I put this lotion on I feel hydrated and I have a wonderful gentle smell that isn't over powering. I feel pretty when I use it

very smooth

I like this smell the most and the texture on m y lips helps with the cold weather and not getting chapped lips.

Smells wonderful

I put a bar of this next to my bedside table and while I am sleeping, I get wafts of wonderful smells in my dreams.. It is good for hand washing too when the smell starts to fade..

smells great

Whenever I go to orcas, I stop in and grab a few soaps and potions for gifts. they never dissapoint.

Great new product

My husband loves this new roll on for his neck and knee pain. Thank you for making the usual Deep Heat balm in roll on form.

Love this new roll on

I usually buy the tin of Blue Heat so when I saw this I knew that I'd love this new product. I love how it helps my toe and leg cramps at night!

Aches & Pains Oil
Kent A Greene
Love it

Very good product not guppy sucks in to the skin and will continue to use it

Lip Balm Sampler
Brittany DeNike
Very quick service

I am so happy with my chap sticks and they got sent to me so fast!


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