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Rose Rejuvenation Complete Set

You deserve the best for your face. Build your ultimate face care routine with this complete Rose Rejuvenation set.  

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Rose Rejuvenation Radiant Day Cream: Antioxidant-rich botanicals, key essential fatty acids, and an aroma that soothes the soul.  The perfect day cream!

  • rosa mosqueta and sea buckthorn extracts are full of vitamins a, c & e which help eliminate skin-aging free-radicals.
  • evening primrose and borage seed oils provide important essential fatty acids
  • rosehip seed oil is renown for its anti-aging properties and rose hydrosol for skin soothing (and its heavenly scent!)
  • to all of this we add Bulgarian rose absolute to make the cream truly divine

Directions: Use daily after cleansing and balancing with toner.  Appropriate for most skin types.

Rose Rejuvenation Buttercream:  A luxurious and deeply restorative night cream for luminescent skin when you awaken. Also perfect for any time of day for those with dry or mature skin. Featuring rose absolute, shea butter, and rose hip seed oil to lock in moisture and improve skin texture. Exceptionally rich, full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and oh so luxurious too!   

Directions: Use daily after cleansing and balancing with toner.  Appropriate for most skin types.

Rose Rejuvenation Facial Cleanser 130ml:  This ultra-gentle yet very effective facial cleanser is exceptionally mild on the skin, non-drying, and 100% natural.

Directions: Use 1-2 pumps. Apply to your dry or slightly damp neck & face. Cleanse using a gentle circular motion. Rinse then follow with toner & moisturizer

Rose Rejuvenation Oil Serum 35ml: Make your skin glow with this exquisite antioxidant-rich oil serum. Full of essential fatty acids and vitamins a, c, and e means your skin will be deeply moisturized. 

Directions: 1-2 pumps is all you need! Apply to your face and neck after thoroughly cleansing. Remember, a little goes a long way!


Rose Rejuvenation Balancing Toner 65ml:  Rejuvenate and tone your skin. This heavenly scented skin-soothing distillate water elixir will balance your skin's pH levels. Tighten your pores and nurture sensitive skin. It will revive your mood, make you smile, and help you relax.

Directions: Apply to your face and neck anytime. Best used after cleansing, before moisturizing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sally Huey
Spilled toner

Hi thank you my package arrived in time for my sisters birthday however the toner spilled out of the plastic bottle you put it in. Can this be replaced?

Hi Sally,
Thank you for your feedback! I am so sorry to hear that it spilled, what a bummer! We just sent you an email to address your comments and make it right.
Kind regards,

Barbara Harrison

I absolutely love your skin care line! My daughter has been using your items for a long time and had sent some to me! My 69 years young face has never felt better. The body lotion is wonderfully hydrating!

So great and packaged beautifully

Love the care that went into packaging and the handwritten note- will always love island thyme!

Thank you!

I'm loving all the lotions and oils for my mature skin!!! Isn't that funny, mature skin? My 71 year old body still gets acne, yet after using the various products, my skin feels wiser instead of reactive and rebellious!!! I'm extremely pleased with my order! I had a few questions that were quickly answered and the advice given was empowering. Delightful products, angelic help.

Jojo Peters

I am a recovering cancer patient (HER2+ Breast Cancer) trying to eliminate all endocrine interrupting ingredients from my daily life. Thank you Island Thyme for your organic clean options.! I love the Rose Rejuvenation skin care line, especially the Buttercream! I also bought the oatmeal almond goat milk soap and just LOVE it! Great products, and if I ever get myself back up to the San Juans I will look forward to shopping in person.


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