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Rose Rejuvenation Facial Oil Serum

$ 36.00

Rose Rejuvenation Facial Oil Serum, 35 ml

Make your skin glow with this exquisite antioxidant rich oil serum. Full of essential fatty acids and vitamins a, c, and e, it will deeply moisturize & regenerate.

  • Facial oils offer deep nourishment, delivering nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin
  • Unique blend of oils designed to soak in and leave the skin feeling smooth and supple
  • Packed with antioxidant rich oils - rosehip, raspberry and sea buckthorn
  • Delicate and delicious floral rosy scent 

Ingredients:  rosehip seed oil, olive squalane, raspberry seed oil, rose hip extract, vitamin e tocopherol, vitamin e acetate, rose absolute, sea buckthorn extract, geranium & neroli essential oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Linda Dyke
rose rejuvenation facial oil

I really feel like it’s a spa day when I apply the Rose facial oil. It soaks down deep to hydrate my skin and it definitely takes a few years off my age!

Fan B from Pasadena
So Versatile~

This oil has rosehips in it, which is chock full of vitamin C and bioflavoniods-anti-aging ingredients, in addition to the sea buckthorn- just research about these ingredients for info/benefits to skin & hair. It starts a little oily at first, but quickly disappears into my skin, and hair. It gives a subtle sunshine glow to the skin because of its amber color. This is also great for an over night hair replenish. I put two pumps into my hands and rub quickly to spread over my palms, then I start at the bottom of my medium/long hair, applying to the bottom first and then moving up closer to the scalp with downward motion, to smooth the hair's cuticle. This product brings out the super shine and highlights to my hair. I leave it in over night, It is also a superior finishing/smoothing product for hair & skin, and a little goes a Iong way, can't believe how well this product works for me. The fragrance is lovely natural rose. Thanks for this product!


It makes my skin so soft! Plus it smells absolutely amazing!


This serum is really wonderful…after using it one evening, my husband said, your face feels so soft…like velvet or suede. It smells like a bed of roses and is so nourishing. I really love it. I had used many vit C serums over the years and during the pandemic mask wearing I broke out with a dermatitis that has been relentless and barred me from using my old products which seemed to make it worse. This has been a real help for that problem!

Hi Ljm,

Thank you so much for your sweet message, I am so glad the serum works well for you and is providing you some relief. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm so much!

Have a lovely day,

ars. I'm very pleased with their products. Sara Faraj

I have a very dry skin and the creams and the rose rejuvenation serum is a miracle worker. Iv been using their products for over 5 years, and my skin looks 10 years younger.


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