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Aches & Pains Oil

A gentle natural aches and pains soother.  We especially love it as massage oil (as do many many of the massage therapists we know). We also use it on bumps, bruises, sore muscles, and aching joints.

Each year we start with wildcrafted Arnica Montana and St. Johnswort flowers (both reputed for their anti-inflammatory properties) hand-picked in the Bitter Root Mountains and sent to us overnight.  After being briefly dried, they are steeped for a minimum of two months in pure sweet almond oil to extract their oils, then strained. Once strained we add lavender essential oil for its calming and soothing effects and a touch of vitamin e.  (It is the St. Johnswort flowers that impart the beautiful red color to the finished oil.)

For the past twenty years, this has been one of Island Thyme's most popular products!

Directions: Apply directly to any aches and pains, or use as a massage oil. Not intended for chafed skin or open wounds.

Ingredients: Arnica Montana and St. Johnswort infused sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, vitamin e.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Better than CBD

I’ve tried CBD rubs for my neck but they never really help so I tried this and was sold. The smell is lovely, my skin absorbs it quickly and I wake up without as much pain. Will be purchasing more for sure.

Works great! Second time purchasing

Second time purchasing this amazing healing oil. Feels amazing and doesn't leave a lot of greasy residue or odd cooling or heating sensation so you can use it on larger body spaces, like your back. Arnica heals plus it smells great without being over powering!

Pain relief- fast and enduring

Husband and I both have some really stubborn muscule and joint issues- enough to get us certified for specialist care.

This oil is Much more effective than I would have thought a topical rub could be .

It works quickly and lasts - maybe 12 hours!(be careful not to wash it off).

got a Zoom-induced neck-ache?

I just got a bottle of this to use on my aching neck and shoulders while I'm spending hours more on my computer per day, and it's a great help. Helps when my hands are sore, too!


Does a great job relieving pain caused by IT band syndrome. Love the fragrance.


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