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Eucalyptus Respiratory Balm 2oz

$ 13.00

When one is suffering from chest or sinus congestion, this tingly Eucalyptus filled balm can really help be a great comfort. Made with eucalyptus, mint and a blend of other respiratory soothing essential oils, it is potent yet still gentle enough to use directly on the skin, even right under a chapped nose!

It is a great natural soother for adults or children getting through the discomforts of colds and congestion.

Directions: Apply below the nose, on ears or chest when congested. Keep away from the eyes. Wash hands after applying.

Ingredients: Beeswax, sweet almond oil, essential oil blend including eucalyptus, peppermint, fir, lavender, and more.

Customer Reviews

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Thrilled with the Results

I purchased this for my mom who has respiratory issues. I bought this with the thought that it might encourage her to breathe more deeply and it has! She absolutely loves it and uses it throughout the day.

Replaces vicks

I used to use alot of vicks twice a day, and since switching to this, I am not using the rub near as much and this gives me all day relief. I love it

Love it!

One of the first products I tried in 1996 and it's a real crowd pleaser. Years ago, I explained to a wee one with a bad cold how I wanted him to use it on his chest and after listening carefully, he said "it's healthy Vicks, Mom. It's healthy Vicks!"

Eucalyptus Respiratory Balm + headache sticks and respiratory sticks

2nd time ordering, Lovely product. Clears up any lung congestion. Also, I have been ordering your headache sticks and respiratory sticks for many years now. I love them. They really are lifesavers when I have a headache. They really do work in-tandem. Together, they eliminate all headaches. Thank You, Eliza and Chris, for continuing to make these wonderful products.

Hey Juno,

Thank you for taking a moment to leave us a review! The Lavender Peppermint is magic in a roll0on stick! And you found the true secret, using it in tandem with the Eucalyptus products! We are happy to hear this brings you some relief!

Take care,

Island Thyme


I use this respiratory balm often. It help me deal chronic airway issues and it works amazing


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