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Essential Oil Therapy Trio

$ 30.00

All three of our very popular and very effective essential oil roll-on sticks in one set.

  • Lavender Peppermint Headache Stick
  • Eucalyptus Fir Needle Respiratory Stick
  • Soothing Lavender Stick

They are all essentials.  Get the trio and save!

*Note: These don't come in a Gift Box, instead they arrive in a small sleeve

Directions: Apply as described on each roll-on, keeping away from eyes. Not for children.


Lavender Peppermint Headache Stick: Lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, cetyl alcohol (natural viscosity builder)

Eucalyptus Fir Needle Respiratory Stick: eucalyptus essential oil fir needle essential oil, fractionated coconut oil (to make more gentle on chapped skin)

Soothing Lavender Stick: blend of three lavender essential oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Melinda Mack
Great gifts for others and self

Soothing, relaxing, clearing, I personally use the respiratory stick every night. So does my husband. We have his and hers! Beautiful products with beautiful results.

Laura Schneider
The Best Essential Oil Roll-Ons

These are my favorite essential oil roll-ons. They smell wonderful and are very effective. The lavender scent is calming and relaxing. The headache stick does a fantastic job of relieving headaches. The eucalyptus scent clears my sinuses. I cannot recommend this product enough! I use them everyday. Thank you Island Thyme!

Heather Miller
A thoughtful gift

I think this is one of the products that really makes Island Thyme stand out. They’re really wonderful to give as gifts and keep one in your purse for those long days. The essential oils smell wonderful but are not overpowering.


Wonderful intense fragrances! Love them all!

The power of pure essential oils is impressive, isn't it!? We're glad to hear that you're loving this set :)

Melissa D.
Quality products...

This was part of my very first purchase from Island Time. I'm a fan of these oils for sure. They're nice and strong and true to life scents. I appreciate that these oils are in travel friendly rollerballs too. I like to use these on my face masks to help me breathe, around bedtime and to help me calm down (at dentist appointments and such). I will be a repeat customer.

Great idea to apply these products directly to your facemask! Thanks for the tip, we'll give it a try!
(I love spritzing my cloth masks with our alcohol hand sanitizer sprays at the end of the day; the next morning they're so fresh and brightly scented with essential oils)


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