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Bath Bomb Sampler 5 Pack

$ 45.00

Try them all or give a luxurious gift

Set contains:

Wild Rose Bath Bomb 5.5oz

Sweet Orange Calendula Bath Bomb 5.5oz

Spruce and Cedar Bath Bomb 5.5oz

Sandalwood Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb 5.5oz

Lavender Lover Bath Bomb 5.5oz


Turn your tub into an all-natural aromatic spa with our new exquisite bath bombs! Scented and colored with essential oils, botanical powders, and natural clays, they will add fantastic aroma and a hint of natural color but won't stain your tub or cause irritation. Packaged in biodegradable cellophane for less waste than your typical bath bomb. 

They're a joy to use and give as gifts, and sure to lift your spirits with their beautiful scent!

Store in a cool, dry place. Remove cellophane wrapper prior to use and dispose (the wrapper will fully biodegrade within 2 years).


Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, alcohol, natural clays, essential oils, botanical powders, polysorbate 80. (Please see individual product listings for full ingredient list)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I discovered IslandThyme while traveling to the San Juan Islands in WA 7 years ago and have used ALL of their products ever since. Both my daughters love how beautiful their skin looks in the harsh PNW weather. We LOVE our Island Thyme

My favorite bath bombs ever!

The best!!

Judy Dragoo
Great way to find new favorites

I have been ordering spruce because I love woodsy, but this sample is a good way to try out other scents and save…and honestly they will probably all be favs now! Something for every mood or time of day (sweet orange is a great way to start the day). And, of course, they have natural ingredients, smell fantastic, and are beautiful in the bath!

Lovely bath bombs

These bath bombs are delightfully sented and they not only do not irritate my sensitive skin, but they also leave my skin feeling moist. I like them for myelf and for gifts.

Larisa Williams
Bath bombs 09/02/2022

They are excellent!


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