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Wild Rose Lotion

We absolutely love this lotion. It is one of our personal all-time favorites!

A silky-smooth moisturizer that revives dry skin, perfect for daily use, scented with beautiful natural rose. If you like real rose scent we think this will blow you away. We have never found a rose lotion that's comparable.

Now available in a new larger size! Our 16oz Eco Size lotion comes in a reusable glass mason jar, and is available with or without a pump.  *Please note, eco pumps are packaged separately, and require quick assembly. Please watch this video for instructions


Ingredients: Organic aloe vera, distilled water, sweet almond oil, shea butter, emulsifying wax, vitamin e, Bulgarian rose absolute, essential oils blend, germall plus (a paraben-free preservative), xanthan gum


**Eco sized jars do not fit into our gift boxes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Pure Love

I absolutely love this product. I only wish I thought I would’ve got a pump for my bottle. It’s nourishing, refreshing and delicious to the nose🌹 Will be over and over and over


I'm cdertain that my sister-in-law will be very pleased with the rose lotion you sent to her; however, when the package arrived at her home, they had no idea where it came from or who sent it, until my brother called Islandd Thyme to tell you that you had made a mistake in sending it!!! In conversing with you on the phone, the name Marianne was mentioned, so then he knew that it had been sent to the right place...So hopefully, in the future, the person who ordered the item will be mentioned on the order, so the receiver knows who the sender was. Thanks! I LOVE your products!

Marianne H. Mitchell

Skin cooling lotion.

I have sensitive skin that tends to irritation. The Wild Rose Lotion always cools and heals my skin, better than specialized medicated skin creams. My wife and I love the smell!

Lovely product

I love everything that Island Thyme produces, and this will be on my FAVORITES list!

Literally smells like fresh roses

This is by far my favorite product of theirs. I wear the lotion like it’s a perfume. It smells exactly like fresh roses and it is amazing!!!


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