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Aches & Pains Oil

A gentle natural aches and pains soother.  We especially love it as massage oil (as do many, many of the massage therapists we know). We also use it on bumps, bruises, sore muscles, and aching joints.

Each year we start with wildcrafted Arnica Montana and St. John's Wort flowers (both reputed for their anti-inflammatory properties) hand-picked in the Bitterroot Mountains and sent to us overnight.  After being briefly dried, they are steeped for a minimum of two months in pure sweet almond oil to extract their oils, then strained. Once strained we add lavender essential oil for its calming and soothing effects and a touch of vitamin e.  (It is the St. John's Wort flowers that impart the beautiful red color to the finished oil.)

For the past twenty years, this has been one of Island Thyme's most popular products!

Directions: Apply directly to any aches and pains, or use as a massage oil. Not intended for chafed skin or open wounds.

Ingredients: Arnica Montana and St. John's Wort infused sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, vitamin e.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Kelly Barrett
Soothing and smells great

I originally bought a small one of these for my boyfriend but soon found I was using it more for myself. I just bought the larger one for work and now have it in my massage office. Clients have been responding really well. It is gently warming and soothing to any achey muscles it is applied to.

Marissa Thomis
Wonderful oil!

I just bought my 2nd bottle. I'm recovering from a knee injury and am using this oil on mild (to medium) aches and pains (everywhere) and it helps!! The smell is also delicious!

Joanne Lambert
Good stuff!!

Works well on my knees and sore ankle.

Laura Brody
soothing and lovely

I add this oil to body lotion to help with muscle aches and to add a lovely lavender scent to my morning. So nice!

Pain relief

I have been very pleased. There are lots of products on the market I have tried, this one seems to really help and it smells so good.


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