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Blue Heat Balm

Icy heat that cools and soothes achy joints and muscles.
Blue Heat was designed to be a potent yet slightly gentler alternative to our very popular Deep Heat Balm. We removed the chili pepper extract which the Deep Heat has a generous dose of and increased the number of oils like Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Camphor, and Birch - as well as Menthol Crystals - all of which have strong icy-soothing effects. The base of our Blue Heat is made with arnica infused almond oil and beeswax.

It is also a potent respiratory balm and an amazing tension tamer for the head (just apply at back of the head at the hairline).

Blue Heat's essential oil blend gives it a wonderful winter-mint smell that makes it truly pleasant to use.

Directions: Apply to sore area. Rub in gently. The more you apply the stronger it will be. Start with a bit, see how it feels after a few minutes, then you can add more incrementally till it is just right. For tension headaches try at back of the head/top of neck at the hairline. For swollen glands dab on a tiny bit. Wash hands after use or else it will make everywhere you touch tingle!

*Not recommended for children. 

Ingredients: Arnica infused sweet almond oil, beeswax, menthol crystals, cooling essential oil blend including peppermint, birch & eucalyptus, vitamin e, blue mica.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Marcy Mullet
Good stuff!

My kids and I went through the 2oz easily, so we bumped it up to the 4 oz this time. We love it as needed!

Chloe Kaufman
Shoulder and back pain

I bought this product locally a couple of years ago and it ended up stored away. When I "re-found" this wonderful blue tin I was shocked how well it really works. No more night time tylenol, just a little rub on the back and shoulders and I sleep like we are meant to sleep - painfree and soundly. This rub is a god-send!.

Jo Anne Mc Kaughan
Blue Heat for Back Pain

I have had a fusion of my back and about 6 weeks fell, re-aggravating it. The Blue Heat Balm helps me sleep through the nigh. So helpful!

Nancy T
Favorite product

I love this more than any Island Thyme product (and all I have tried are wonderful). I rub it on to my shoulders after work to help ease away the stress of the day. The smell is really refreshing as well.


Always with a great scent, the balm soothes on the surface and deeper into the aches and sore leg muscles. It gives me relief!


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