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Soothing Lavender Stick

Soothing Lavender Stick

Soothing, calming, and beautiful.  Great for so many things including unwinding before bed, as a natural perfume, to center oneself during a busy or hectic day, and even as a mild anti-bacterial.  A blend of 3 of our favorite lavender oils in a convenient roll-on stick.  Useful, in so many ways!

If you are a big fan and you want enough to share with friends and family too, check out the 6 for $60 option

Directions: Keep away from eyes or sensitive or injured skin, otherwise apply as needed where needed. There are so many uses and lavender is overall a mild and soothing essential oil.

Ingredients: Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia France and Lavandula angustifolia Hungary), Lavandin essential oil (Lavandin grosso France)

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Krystal M Patterson

I put it on before bed. Sound sleep

Wonderful! Thank you Krystal, we're so happy to hear that our Soothing Lavender Stick helps you to fall asleep :)

This balm saved me

I have terrific car anxiety and on the first day of a long road trip as a passenger I used this balm profusely to help ease my anxiety. I can say that it helped me immensely and plan to utilize it for this purpose for my weeks long trip. Thank you for making this wonderful prot!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Danica! We're glad to hear that our Soothing Lavender Stick is effective for you. Wishing you many anxiety-free travels in the future! :)

Ana Hernandez
Use it everyday

I love this stick, I use it every day for sleep, and sometimes when I feel anxious, it makes me relax. I have been using it for like 2 years and I always order more :)

Pattie Strub
Nice scent

Thank you for making a great product. It is a nice size for keeping in my purse.

Ronda Ish
Refreshes my covid masks!

Love this lavender stick. Use it on my covid masks during the day to help me breathe better and also at night to help me sleep. Has become a vital resource throughout my day. Highly recommend.


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