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Cinnamon Clove Soap

People love the warm spicy aroma of this bar and the memories it often invokes.  It is non-drying and lathers fantastically.  Great for hands or body, and lots of guys like to shave with it, too.

Great for hands, in the shower and shaving too*
(*as long as you do not have dry facial skin, in which case you should use a cream or lotion to shave).

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm (sustainably harvested), castor, powdered cinnamon bark, essential oils of cinnamon and clove.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Laura F.
Best-smelling Soap EVER!

I ordered this soap on a whim along with some of my "standards" from Island Thyme. Boy, am I glad I did! This is the best-smelling soap I have EVER encountered. I actually use it not only as a body soap but also as a bar shampoo for my hair. Now that I've tried it this way, I'm never going back to bottled shampoo. The fresh, spicy scent is simultaneously energizing and soothing, while I also am glad to avoid the plastic bottles in which typical liquid shampoos are packaged. Great soap AND great solid shampoo!

Holidays, here we come.

always get a few soaps for gifts. This one my daughter likes because she adores the holidays. This will be perfect to send her for her dorm room.

Carol Johnson

I love this soap so much. It lathers well. It lasts well. It makes my shower smell so delicious

Julie Moran

OMG we all love this soap.besides leaving your skin soft and clean the smell is heavenly. The men in extend d family love this soap.

Jennifer Hughes
The perfect soap... and other great products.

I could not resist buying a bar of their cinnamon clove soap after smelling one when visiting family on Orcas Island. I also enjoy the tingle of my skin as I lather up as this soap has a little texture to it that feels like a gentle scrubbing. I live in Alaska and six months later, I still shower with it every day. They provide fantastic service for internet orders, my orders always arrive very quickly and the products are safely packaged. Other favorite products are any of their lip balms and lavender peppermint headache stick. I am bllessed with not getting many headaches, I still love to roll some this on any time for its refreshing smell.

If you've never used any of their products, please don't hesitate to try some. I think they offer quality products at very fair prices and would be surprised if you didn't fine a new favorite.


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