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Rose Rejuvenation Cleansing Lotion

$ 22.00

Rose Rejuvenation Cleansing Lotion, 130 ml

Exceptionally mild on the skin, non-drying, 100% natural and yet fully effective at cleansing.  We are so excited for this exquisite addition to our Rose Rejuvenation Face Care line!

Directions: typical use is 1-2 pumps • apply to dry or slightly damp neck & face • cleanse using gentle circular motion • rinse with water • follow with toner & moisturizer

Ingredients:  rose hydrosol, goat milk, decyl glucoside*, rose hip seed oil, cetyl esters, dl panthanol, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, cetyl alcohol, colloidal oats, sodium lactate, hydrolyzed oat protein, sodium lauroyl lactylate*, gluconolactone*, allantoin, sodium benzoate*, xanthan gum

(* ECOcert approved)


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