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Spruce & Cedar Soap

Refreshing and clean.  A medley of pure tree essential oils swirl together in this gentle rich lathering soap.  It is an absolute favorite with guys (and ladies, too).  Simple, natural, and awesome!

For hands and body. Also a great shaving soap. Lather up and enjoy.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm (sustainably harvested), and castor, spruce, cedar, fir and other pure essential oils, and natural green oxide & micas swirled for color.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

A wonderful smelling bar soap that does not dissolve into mush. We found Island Thyme years ago on a visit to the San Juan Islands and have been ordering their soaps ever since.

Madeleine E Nathan

I LOVE this soap. Makes me feel surrounded by my favorite trees - even bathed in them!

Teresa J
This is my husband's favorite

Spruce and Cedar soap is my husband's favorite soap.

Joanne Liantonio
Spruce and Cedar

I love the spruce and cedar soap. It reminds me of hiking in the woods. I always buy enough to keep some for myself, and give some to my hiking buddy.....we can relive the backpacking in the shower !

Kimberly Marie
Absolutely love it

As someone with a lot of seasonal allergies, it's hard for me to enjoy frangrances without fear of orifices swelling shut and generally looking like I've just had a good cry. Red puffy eyes, drippy sniffly nose, occasional hairball-esque cough.
Enter Island Thyme. Their spruce and cedar soap (and the lotion sampler sent with it...also amazing...thank you) is a fragrance I can enjoy without fear. It has a clean piney (not floral...yay!) Pacific Northwest scent that lingers after washing and it doesn't leave my hands feeling dried out no matter how many times a day I use it (which is a lot because I work in a hospital and a garden).
Oh, and because of it's woodsy scent, the manfolk in the house like it too! Great way to trick the little men of the house into basic levels of personal hygiene. They feel like they're camping. Everyone wins.


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