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Rose Rejuvenation Cleansing Lotion

$ 22.00

Rose Rejuvenation Cleansing Lotion, 130 ml

Exceptionally mild on the skin, non-drying, 100% natural and yet fully effective at cleansing.  We are so excited for this exquisite addition to our Rose Rejuvenation Face Care line!

Directions: typical use is 1-2 pumps • apply to dry or slightly damp neck & face • cleanse using gentle circular motion • rinse with water • follow with toner & moisturizer

Ingredients:  rose distillate, *decyl glucoside, caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil) rose hip seed oil, hydrolyzed oat protein, *cetyl esters, dl panthanol, *cetearyl alcohol, *cetearyl glucoside, *cetyl alcohol, colloidal oats, *sodium lactate,  *sodium lauroyl lactylate, *gluconolactone, *sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, rose absolute, bergamot essential oil.    (*ECOcert approved)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gentle and effective

My first time to try this product and I really like it! I have dry skin so can’t use things on my face that lather. This is very gentle and lotion like on the skin. It smells good and leaves my skin soft. Thumbs up for sure!

So clean

My face feels clean and soft when I use this cleanser. It even takes of mascara so well that none gets on the towel when I dry my face and I don’t have to blink through an oily cleanser to see afterward.

New rose rejuvenation products

The cleanser is nice albeit a bit too goat smelling for my highly attuned nose. Both of the Rose rejuvenation creams are AWESOME. I would say my pretty sensitive skin has responded well to all these products. My skin feels super nourished. I’m not sure if the toner has alcohol in it or not (in the witch hazel component ) . I asked but never got a reply. Seems like it might as my skin kind of seems a bit irritated after I spray.

Absolutely lovely

Gentle lovely smell . Love this product . Thank you

Rose rejuvenation face lotion

Really enjoying the face moisterizing cleanser and other products, such as, lavender rose lotion, lovely soaps! Products work excellent and smell lovely. Happy Face!! Thank you


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