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Grapefruit Mandarin
70% Alcohol Hand Cleansing Spray

Grapefruit Mandarin 70% Alcohol Hand Cleansing Spray

If you have been craving a better hand sanitizer, it is finally here...  Our new Grapefruit Mandarin Alcohol Hand Cleansing Spray is potent, all-natural & smells like liquid sunshine.  It's also less drying.  It is perfect for hands but since it is a spray it's great on surfaces too, like door knobs. or credit card readers or almost anything you quickly want to mist with alcohol.

We make it with 200-proof grain alcohol made right here in the PNW, and pure essential oils.  So no isopropyl alcohol or synthetic scents.  It comes in a reusable glass bottle to minimize plastic waste.  Once you've tried this you will not want to go back to "regular" hand sanitizers.  It is truly a pleasure to use!

Note: This product ships only via UPS & USPS Ground, not Priority Mail

ingredients:  natural grain alcohol (70% v/v), water, pink grapefruit essential oil, blood orange essential oil & red mandarin essential oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Neal Steiner
Smells Refreshing and Cleans Really Well

I wish I had purchased two bottles of this hand cleaning spray, one for the office and one for home. It cleans really well and the smell is very refreshing.

Peggy Oram
Smells so good!

I carry this with me everywhere! No more toxic and smelly hand sanitizer. It's just the right size for my purse, and I can keep an extra one in the car! It's so refreshing and clean.

Donna Studebaker
Best hand sanitizer

I just finished my first bottle and had to get another. It is THE BEST smelling hand sanitizer EVER!!! Anyone who has used it comments on the great smell.

It's the best

My husband loves this hand sanitizer! It's so refreshing and the smell is fabulous. We use both the spray and the gel - one spray bottle in each car and all the small squeeze bottles filled with the gel. I want it in a gallon refill size!

Hi Lydia, thanks for your feedback! We're working on offering larger re-fill sizes of our sanitizers- currently we offer all of the gels in an 8oz bottle. I hope this helps :)

Delightful sanitizer

Since I use sanitizer a lot - keeping one in the car at all times- the fragrance is light and functional all in one. Got one for me and one for a gift.

Hey Nanred!

We are so glad to hear you enjoy the hand sanitizer! I also have one in my car...and in my purse...and in my kitchen...and really just all over. It's kinda like lip balm, you can never have too many! And thank you so much for sharing our hand sanitizer!

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