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Heart's Desire Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Heart's Desire Aromatherapy Massage Oil

For massage, bath & body.  Sweet and spicy, this luxurious Heart's Desire oil is our most popular aromatic massage oil blend, and the many massage therapists we know who use it tell us it is a big hit with their clients as well!

Also, try right after the shower as a 100% natural moisturizer.  Or add a few drops to a bath.  Your skin will love it.

Ingredients: Pure essential oils of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, ginger, and clove in a base of sweet almond oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shauna Torretta
Nice touch

This is an excellent product, pleasant smell and makes massaging easy :)

Delightful relaxing scent

This scent is heavenly. I love giving myself a little neck massage after a shower, and the warm scent lingers for hours. Now I want to try all the other smells in this collection of oils!

Bliss in a bottle!

Unfortunately for someone else I am fortunate someone left the bottle at my house. This bottle of Bliss is essential for me every day now. I absolutely love the smell in the calming effects it has. I will replenish this as soon as it runs out (soon)

Laura F.
Absolutely Intoxicating!

I mentioned in a review of a different massage oil that I often use massage oils to relieve tension headaches. This oil, however, also serves a more self-indulgent and purely pleasurable purpose: applying it is like enveloping myself in one of the most sensationally beautiful perfumes of all time. Simply smelling this oil makes me feel more at once more relaxed and more glamorous; it combines a sense of cosiness with one of intoxicating romance. Irresistible!

carmen quall
My favorite body oil

I love everything about this oil. The smell is delicious, the rose always reminds me of the heart and the other scents give it warmth.


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