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Deep Heat Balm

Warms and soothes achy joints and muscles.

Deep warming capsicum extract is coupled with over a dozen essential oils as well as icy-tingly menthol.  The base is Arnica and St. Johnswort infused sweet almond oil and beeswax.

We have been making this aches & pains balm for nearly 2 decades to rave reviews.  Some users are yoga teachers & athletes, some are senior citizens with achy knees & hips, others are builders & gardeners who work with their bodies all day.  All of them notice what a deep warming and soothing sensation it provides.

The essential oil blend in this product in addition to giving it much of its heat and tingle, also makes it smell spicy and nice, so you will not be embarrassed to go to work wearing it.  But do remember to wash your hands after use, or everywhere else you touch will be tingly and warm too!

Directions: Rub on sore joints and muscles. It warms the area and helps lessen aches and pains. The more you apply the stronger it is. But ease in, it pretty is strong! Wash hands with soap after applying our other places you touch will get warm too.

*Keep away from eyes. Not for children.

Ingredients: beeswax, arnica, and st. johns wort infused sweet almond oil, menthol, capsicum extract, and a blend of many warming and cooling essential oils including ginger, cinnamon, camphor, and peppermint.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
An extraordinary gift of healing

I am 72, in excellent health and shape, however I am putting my beautiful 1910 home on the market after 43 years, fours months. She has sheltered and given safety to many over that time. I tend to be overly exuberant, consequently I blew out my left wrist connective tissues, my lower and mid- back, right hip, right rotator cuff and winglet. I used this in addition to Aspercreme with lidocaine as needed, no drugs, yuk, and over time I am almost as good as when I was a young woman, size four by golly! These healing ingredients, when used consistently will help you along you path of wellness, as they did for me. Stay present in the moment, share your voice with positivity and abundance. StY safe. Blessings.

Best salve ever

This is one product that really helps with the problems of tightened muscles and general aches associated with said muscles. Definitely worth it

Amazing gifts!

I sent a few items to my sister for her bday and she absolutely loved it ALL! Such a great company with amazing products. Highly recommend!


Amazing!!!! My Mom has a torn rotator cuff and is in pain all the time. I rub this on her tight neck muscles down to her shoulder and she says she is finally able to sleep through the night. Thanks a ton!!

Super balm.

I use this balm everyday morning and night on my knees and shoulders. I have severe Osteo arthritis and it helps me. I had a coworker give me some of hers last month after we received our first Covid shot. I really have found this to help a lot with pain. I still always have pain but it does help as long as I apply the balm twice a day. Thank you for making my life better.


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