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Spruce & Cedar
67% Alcohol Hand Cleansing Gel

Spruce & Cedar 67% Alcohol Hand Cleansing Gel 65 ml

If you have been craving a better hand sanitizer, it is finally here...  Our new Spruce & Cedar Alcohol Hand Cleansing Gel is potent, all-natural & smells like the deep forest.  It's also less drying.  

We make it with 200 proof grain alcohol distilled right here in the PNW, and pure essential oils.  So no isopropyl alcohol or synthetic scents.  It comes in a reusable glass bottle to minimize plastic waste.  Once you've tried this you will not want to go back to "regular" hand sanitizers.  It is actually a pleasure to use!

Now available in glass 8oz bottles! Perfect for high-use areas like the office or your home's entry way. Also works great as a re-fill option for our 2oz bottles, or any pocket-sized bottle you already own.


**Note: This product ships only via UPS & USPS Ground, not Priority Mail**


ingredients:  natural grain alcohol (67% v/v), organic aloe vera, *hydroxyethylcellulose, black spruce essential oil, fir essential oil, western red cedar essential oil

*ECOCert natural thickener

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love the Scent!

My whole family loves the Spuce & Cedar scent! Smell like pine trees, and the Pacific NW. I will be ordering more.

Beau Johnson
Don't dry out your hands or smell like tequila!

Hand sanitizers have been pretty aggressive in how bad they smell - and this one is a literal breath of fresh air. It moisturizes my hands and it smells incredible. You will smell like a pine tree. I love it.

Kallie Lawson
Will Buy Over & Over Again

My favorite scent in a hand sanitizer?! I am obsessed and have gotten them as gifts for everyone I know

Debra Cornell
Wonderful fragrance

The new scent is so refreshing. As always this product conditions your hands as well as sanitizes. Love it!


It's a pandemic, it's winter, and my hands can't take it anymore! This stuff isn't drying at all and has a lovely, rich smell. I actually look forward to using it as opposed to my old burning alcohol scented sanitizer. Bought several as gifts for the holidays, and will buy more for myself if I finish this one and COVID is still here ruining lives and skin health. Treat yourself and get it!


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