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New Mother Rejuvenating Set

$ 68.00

The perfect way to nurture a new mother who's days and nights are filled with caring full time for a new little one.  Though some of these nurturers can be shared with baby too, several are meant to be just for mom.

  1. Mama & Baby Body Balm 4oz :: This one can be shared.  It soothes an expecting mamma's beautiful, but often itchy, belly + baby's most sensitive skin too.
  2. Calendula Comfrey Cream 2oz :: Fantastic for any dry skin, with shea butter, sweet almond oil, soothing herbs and lavender essential oil.  Perfect for mom and her little one too.  Many mothers use it as their go-to diaper cream though it is great for so much more as well.
  3. Lavender Vanilla Glow 8oz :: This one is just for mom.  Our Salt and Sugar exfoliating moisturizer.  This one is perfect for mom when she needs to renew herself, making her skin shine and spirit glow.
  4. Wild Rose Lotion 8oz :: Another one meant to nurture that special - and likely under-slept - new mother.  Rich and soothing with the most beautiful scent we know.  The perfect daily rejuvenator!
  5. Lavender Bouquet :: From our farm on Orcas Island.

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